Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights (Original Mix)

I may have posted this once already. But whatever, its dope.

Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette - Hello (Original Mix)

Been remixed 20 times, but I still enjoy the original the best.

Markus Schulz - Rain (Official Music Video)

It is really a wonder that I actually do sleep occasionally.

Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza

Tinie is always hot. Swedish House always kills it. And damn this chick is sexy. Can't complain.

Trey Palms

Trey Palms - Spinning


Everyone is good at something, these people are apperantly exceptional, I cite the violin decorated with Lite-Brite. Their name before The SunStroke Project? The Dont Ask Dont Tell Policy


Old But Hilarious

I wish Karen was way hotter. But good for her. Girls finally doing what guys have been doing for years, but without such academic rigor.

"For Ur Love" Music Video (Cover) - Cal Men's Soccer Team 2010

Then they gave each other handjobs. Score one for soccer. Chris Brown is pissed off.

Double Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow

Double Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow
Hold on to your hats cubicle dwellers, office warfare just took a turn for the awesome. Even though the release of what is sure to become known as the office BFG won’t get recorded in any history books, it isn’t any less important to your daily grind. Why? Because nothing says take those TPS reports and cram them up your ass like a thirty foot range and fifty marshmallows flying through the air. Pull back the plunger, release, repeat. In the event of a jammed bullet or an explosion in the chamber, the magazines are dishwasher safe. In the world of non-lethal warfare, what’s more fun than two barrels of arm powered, potentially gooey, white goodness? Absolutely nothing, so lock and load.$36

Read more: Cool Material - Men's gear blog featuring the latest trends in watches, gear and gadgets.

KR3W Halo 2 Watch

KR3W Halo 2 Watch
For the record, we definitely did NOT find this watch while searching for a commemorative Master Chief edition Halo timepiece to wear to a Halo tournament give to our thirteen year-old brother. Sometimes even the most random searches can turn up Internet gold – even if it’s clear. The KR3W Halo 2 watch is a standard digital face watch – albeit an enormous one – with water resistance. As for the case, it’s “clear” but not invisible. Given our penchant for losing, well, everything, we’re fine with it not being completely invisible. Polyurethane strap, plastic housing, and a backlight. It’s everything you loved about watches in the eighth grade except now you won’t get shit for wearing it. $65

Read more: Cool Material - Men's gear blog featuring the latest trends in watches, gear and gadgets.


Boom Boom - Energy You Inhale
Hey 5Hr energy. You are so yesterday. Say hello to your much sexier cousin.

Mike Posner and Na Palm

The track is alright (all Mike Posner sounds the same to me). But I am a big fan of Na Palm mainly because of his mixtape "Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats." When I say the mixtape what I am really saying is the title of the mixtape. I may or may not have copped the t-shirt, and I may or may not suggest you do the same.

Ryan Leslie

I don't know if we have said how much we like Ryan Leslie. This guy is a Harvard grad that just kills it in the studio. Just google him and his tracks and there goes a well spent 30ish of your life. Watching him work is amazing.

All City Chess Club

All City Chess Club - I'm Beaming (Remix)

We Like Them Girls...

H-Wood - Punk Rock Chick

Starsmith - Give Me A Break [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Its a little long and needs a little more bass, but still is a pretty sick beat.

It's The Dean's List - The People (Empire of the sun remix)

Been hearing a lot out of dean's list. Especially after they played a show at a friend's frat at Vanderbilt (they killed it). This is also over one of my favorite Empire of the Sun tracks.

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

G.O.O.D. Music Takeover

When Kanye is the worst rapper there is a serious problem. Ye took over the MTV awards, now he killed the BET awards. All without stealing a little white girls microphone...

New Weezy

Papercuts feat Lil Wayne

Want To Be There....

If you don't have a Tiesto DVD as part of your afterhours repertoire I strongly suggest you make some moves. Way before people were teaching people how to Dougy we were teaching them how to Tiesto. Basically imagine having a seizure standing up. You get the point.