Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Anybody listening to music right now should know Yeasayer. End of post.

Boy Crisis - The Fountain of Youth

No homo. Seriously. I would not post it unless it was good.

Bark of a Cedar- Wolf in a spacesuit (unofficial video)

Such a creepy video. But really like the track.

Dear LeBron...

Hey LeBron I have a great idea. Stop crying. You are a professional athlete, but maybe you didn't notice. You ripped your hometown's hearts out by toying with them on national TV. Then you claimed it was for the Boy's and Girl's Club even when reports are out that you took the majority of the proceeds. Come on now. You jumped ship just to run down to Miami where you didn't have to be the man. You gave up on your own team in the playoffs when it got rough. You somehow forced ESPN to block all coverage of your teammate having sex with your mom, and an entire article of you acting like a complete douchebag in Vegas. You just don't have the heart. You just aren't a champion. Charles said it. Michael said it. Everyone thinks it. Maybe some people are being racist. They are morons. But the majority of us that don't like you? Well we don't like you for good reason. You are kind of a jerk. I am sad that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have to be on your team. I don't care how many championships you win with your dream team; you have already lost all my respect.

Get Your Mind Right

Gear Wheel IQ Cube
Rubik’s cube still got you puzzled? Then forget the Gear Wheel IQ Cube. This 21st century version features a series of orderly colored cubes, but seems like an altogether alien version of the classic. Its twistable pieces are designed to work as gears. Rotating a single one causes the other pieces to rotate in a chain reaction. Sound simple? Probably not, but they don’t call them brain teasers for nothing. $12

Fresh Kicks

Converse All Star Leather D-Ring
The Converse All Star Leather D-Ring is part hi-top, part boot, and all Converse. Standard Converse sole and toe cap decked out with a brown leather upper and multicolor rolled laces – and D-rings. Because everything is better with D-rings. $70


To A Tee: Wordboner
If you love attractive typography and clever slogans, you’re bound to find more than a few Wordboner designs that appeal to you. What started out as Tumblr project spawned a print-on-demand t-shirt company that caters to ladies as well as gents. From puns and wordplay to current hot-button issues, Wordboner covers a little of everything so you can proudly wear your words on your chest. $23

Milkman - Breaking Free (Original Mix) [Official Music Video]

Nique- Boom Bap

Nique- Boom Bap

Mann ft. 50 Cent- Buzzin’

Mann ft. 50 Cent- Buzzin’
I can't believe I am saying this. But I actually like this 50. Back in the day I literally stood outside in line and waited for his first album to drop. We played Get Rich or Die Tryin all day, everyday for weeks. Then at some point he just became this juice head guerrilla spitting shitty rhymes over what I can't even believe were Dre beats. I am hoping he's back? I guess it depends on which 50 we get.

J. Cole – I’m On It

J. Cole – I’m On It
J. Cole's flow is sick. In case you ain't heard...observe.

J.Pinder – Cold World

J.Pinder – Cold World

N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U

N.E.R.D. - Hypnotize U (Prod By Daft Punk)
“Nothing On You”- N.E.R.D