Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kanye West - Blame Game (Feat. John Legend)

Kanye West - Blame Game (Feat. John Legend)

Rolling Stone Gives My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 5 Stars

We have sat back for the past few months and watched. We heard him talk about dropping new tracks every single Friday, in an effort to recirculate G.O.O.D. music into a medium saturated with corporate creations, and we doubted him. He told us he was going to kill radio, and we smiled. We heard that he was making a film to bring new, visual life to the music he creates, and we wondered. Rumors were everywhere that he was making an album that would change all the rules, and he did.

I have always loved music. Not just hiphop, but music as a general form of art. It pushes the boundaries of creativity, and brings a kind of life or energy where there was previously a void. I have also always loved "different." Those that don't follow the path that others have created, but rather forge their own way. Those that follow their heart, and create music that is 100% their own. Many people look at hiphop as an uneducated, rudimentary form of music thats primary focuses are money, sex, and the degradation of women. But what I see it more as is an unfiltered, raw look at society through the eyes of street poets. At its best it is a look at the struggle and the spoils that exist when one person can use only their words to pull themselves out of some of the most desperate situations imaginable. But recently much of what the general public has seen is it's worst.

Kanye defies the recent standard. He refuses to be anything other than what he is. He puts it perfectly when he says, "I am a horrible celebrity, but that is not what I have ever tried to be. I am an artist." He is not completely sane, and has never pretended that he was. His eccentricities give life to his unique sound. His loose grip on reality gives rise to his art. But more than that he pushes. He pushes boundaries. He pushes styles. He pushes conceptions. And hopefully because of this album he will push music.