Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never -Tyler Thomas (Watch in 1080p)

Ke$ha - Die Young (Official Lyric Video)

I need a hiphop remix of this. Stat.

Smokey Robotic - Schizophrenic DJ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Machine Gun Kelly freestyle

Dear Kanye,

Stop rapping and just let MGK flow on all you beats. Thanks.

"Who's best? Him? Yes. Tim West. Spin this. Back 50 times like Olympian gymnast. Boy I'm a G I'll make the queen my mistress. And my rhymes so dope I failed my piss test."

Party Supplies - 'New York 2017' {Video}

Hold On When You Get Love - Stars

September - St. Lucia

The Tallest Man On Earth - Little Brother

Andrew Bird - Three White Horses

Strange Talk - Cast Away

Murs & Fashawn - This Generation (Feat. Adrian)

WHY? - Strawberries

Conner Youngblood - A Summer Song

Wiz Khalifa - Remember You (Feat. The Weeknd)