Thursday, September 8, 2011

J. Cole - Who Dat Pt. 2 feat. SD and Childish Gambino (FULL SONG AND LYR...

J. Cole is one of my favorite rappers out right now. But god damn. Gambino absolutely murders him on his own track. I could drop just about every line as a quote buuuut...

Got the whole barber shop like oh man this shit is tight. Solid shit. One wipe....

XV - The Kick (Prod By DJ Tech-Neek) ( EXPLICIT )

Eternal sunshine but my spotless mind wont forget it....

The Pajama Club - Tell Me What You Want

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ROBOTON1C - We Don't Speak German

Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack (ROBOTON1C Remix)

DJi6 - Structure and Flow (Structure)

Lil Wayne - Mirrors (Ft. Bruno Mars)

I am sure many of you have listened to The Carter IV, so this is nothing special. I just got a chance to give it a listen though and this track is just filthy, so I had to get it out there.

Capital Cities EP

Definitely one of our favorite groups right now. Some of these songs have been posted before, but who cares, they are filthy bangers.

Superstar Quamallah & DeQawn - Manhattan Reflections

Superstar Quamallah & DeQawn - Talkin' All That Jazz

Logic - Just Another Day

Astonish - Shine Like Dilla/Trees

Astonish - All I Need

Blender - Sex Ray Vision

Age Of Consent - The Beach

Tha Kid Sylence - in Action (Prod. by Nate Wavy)

Who is tha kid? - A young Brooklyn native who goes by the name of Sylence. Although he is no stranger to the streets of New York, in a sense he is looking to be the new kid on the block. The artist have been preparing his forthcoming mixtape, 'Top Villain', which is a reference to one of his aliases as well as the mood of the tape. He worked with Producer, Nate Wavy, to craft his debut mixtape using a blend of clever lines delivered fluently over enthralling beats. May be the closest thing to original these days, touching on aspect such as loyalty, hustle, friendship, and desire. Sylence releases "in Action" as he takes his first step to solidifying his presence in hip hop.

Sarcazm - Get On Top (Ft. Dashius Clay & Fixx Ticket)

I.O.U. - Dominos

She Ain't You vs. Human Nature - Billy Van Remix (Ft. Quincy Kwalae & Zach Majors)

Northern Introvert - Physica