Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miner - Golden Ocean

Domo Genesis - Stray Bullets

Electric Guest - American Daydream

Miner - Hey Love

PillowTalk - Sunny

Peter & The Magician - Memory

Addict by James Domroe

So we usually just post music we find hoping that one of the songs we post might strike a cord with one of you. Whether it makes you smile, inspires you, or just makes you want to get up and dance around; quite honestly we don't care. It's not really for us that we spend all this time posting random artists traversing endless internet wormholes to find. It's for everyone else. That being said here is a short film by a local friend of ours that is exceptionally well done. So if you like it let him know. 

Music, movies, art...they all come from a similar place. A place where passion accumulates to a point where it transcends formal conversation. That passion inspires our creativity and paints our blank canvas. As always we encourage people on the site to follow what inspires them, no matter what it may be. In all of us there is still that little kid that wants nothing more to throw paint at the wall just to see how it lands. Here at FilthyTracks (yes, we realize the absurdity of the name) music is our paint. What's yours?