About Us

We are just a couple of guys who really like music. So one night, we were sitting around and figured we would do something with that. Hey, we are smart, good looking, popular with the ladies (can we maybe get 1 out of 3?); so we figured maybe people would stop by. We would give them a venue where they could steal our shit, throw it on facebook, and pretend to be half as cool as we think we are. Basically, we love cool stuff. Whether it's music, clothes, gadgets, stories, or whatever. We want it all.

But the success of this will run off your emails and suggestions. So we want to hear from you. Contact us at filthytracks@gmail.com or just fill out the simple form below. You can give us an idea, throw us a webpage, or just tell us that we suck and should go die in a ditch. But either, way we like to hear your feedback.