Friday, October 28, 2022

Why We... we are. We get a lot of questions as to where this all comes from. Here's the best answer I have. It's a love for music. I grew up listening to classic rock with my dad and Motown soul with my mom. I learned early the role music played in our lives. And, yes, a white kid from the whitest of neighborhoods fell in love with hiphop. I don't say that casually. Most people that actually know me know how non-casual that is. I went about two years of my life listening to nothing but Life After Death in my car. I listened to Illmatic every night as I went to bed. I worshipped Rakim's rhyme scheme, and went into old school online public forums to use it to battle rap. Weird? Absolutely. But that is where this comes from. It comes from the heart. From lyrics that move you. Sounds that change you. And songs that define your life. If we even move you with one of these songs it's ok with us. No matter where we go in life this is our path home. The music that made us who we are. Filthy.